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Custom Painted Skate Decks; Not Just For Skaters

I remember back in the day when I used to skate from the minute I woke up until long after the sun set. Man, those were great times. We would buy brand new boards at the skate shop and quickly smear all of the graphics with a slide down a railroad tie or a long handrail. That was a badge of honor. It let the world know you were a real skater, not some poser or wannabe.
But that was always a bittersweet moment because I loved the old-school graphics. I loved going into the skate shop and seeing all of those pristine boards hanging on the wall.

Website is Up

I've been working all day on my Day of the Dead Girl Skateboard design. That was a real fun design to do, but it was pretty time consuming. It's finished now, and Im pleased with the results. So, after I finished that design I began working on this website. Right now it's still small, but I decided to publish it anyway just in case anyone wants to purchase any of the new designs. Thanx for visiting and please bookmark the site so you can see all of the newest artwork! Also, spread the word and share the site with your friends. Let's infuse the world with Art.

New Skateboard Decks

I've been spending my evenings lately working on some new skate deck designs. I'm really pleased with how they are turning out. I'll post them on the site very soon!
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